So now you’re all set up with Magic.Menu, here’s how to use it on the day to receive and send orders. Magic.Menu works on any web-enabled device, so for most applications, all you need is any iPad or Tablet (Android or Windows). For larger kitchens, you can even display upcoming orders on Apple or Android TV’s. 

  1. On your chosen devices, open the web browser (Chrome preffered) and go to (or click it if you’re viewing this on the device you wnt to display orders on)
  2. Log in with the email address you used to register your business with Magic.Menu.
  3. This will open the Order Inbox and display new orders instantly.

As you complete each order, click on the “Clear Order” Button OR for larger orders you can clear individual items as they are sent, this leaves the remaining items to be prepared on the order display – Select the check box next to each item and click the “Clear Items” Button. 


 You can customise the display to suit your operating procedure in the “EDIT VIEW” bar such as:

  • Newest Order First
  • Oldest Order First
  • Filter to show only Check-ins

Expand details in each order by Covers (number of people on each checked-in table) or Order Up (current orders to be prepared) 


 It’s also a good idea to switch to Full-Screen Mode in the browser settings to show more orders per screen view. That’s it – Order received, payment received and items sent.


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