Remember when fuel stations first went self-service? Owners said, “but people like full service”. Remember when supermarkets first introduced self-service checkouts? Managers said, “but customers like a person to bag their groceries”. Remember when tradies and mobile food businesses had to have those old slide credit card machines and wait days to get paid? Now […]


QLD Business Basics Grant

***UPDATE 31ST JUNE = GRANT APPLICATIONS HAVE ALREADY CLOSED!!!!*** If you’d still like to explore going digital, please contact us at magic.menu/contact The QLD Government is offering Grants to help QLD small businesses grow with basic development. Grant applications open 31 May 2021 and close on 30 June 2021. Nomad Software, makers of Magic.Menu mobile […]


Imagine a world where running a restaurant no longer means a life of stress and ultra-long hours.

Imagine a world where running a restaurant no longer means a life of stress and ultra-long hours. Picture yourself, serving your customers without wasting time standing in front of a POS screen entering orders, staff getting more frustrated each time they go to a table to ask “Are you ready to order yet?” Imagine a […]


Restaurants & Cafes: If you are paying 3% commission for your ordering app – you are paying too much!

Nomad Software today released its new product Magic.Menu SE (Standard Edition). This follows on the success of their free QR Code based Covid Check-in application – the Free Edition of Magic.Menu™ used by food outlets across the country to automate record-keeping compliance under Covid-19 health directions. Magic.Menu SE is an at-table ordering platform designed by […]


Data reveals contact tracing compliance concerns

As reported today in Hospitality Magazine, Concerns over privacy and hygiene practices are behind a lack of confidence in dining out, according to a study by research agency Pollfish. Magic.Menu is the only FREE COVID Check-in app which exceeds Australian privacy and personal data security standards. Key Points: Only 10 percent of those surveyed said […]


Magic.Menu on 7News Sunshine Coast

A Noosaville cafe has been targeted by a teenage prank caller, who tells customers they might have been exposed to COVID-19. The store’s furious owner says the cruel hoax reveals serious flaws in the government’s contact tracing system. www.7NEWS.com.au #7NEWS


Stage 3 Changes for QLD Hotels, Clubs, Nightclubs and Adult Entertainment

Software companies have scrambled to offer hospitality venues an online solution to meet requirements for record keeping of customers and staff. Only one solution meets all the current requirements and does it for free. Stage one and two versions of the Industry Covid Safe Plans failed to allow options for electronic solutions at all, instead […]


QLD Company Solves COVID-19 Privacy Concerns for Restaurant Customers

Nomad Software, a family owned software company today released their free homegrown solution for privacy concerns raised by the public and the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties. If you’ve dined out in the last few months you will likely have been asked to fill in a sheet on a clipboard with your name, address and […]

Magic.Menu News

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