5 minute set up

Answer 5 questions about your business, print QR Codes and you’re done!

All your compliance, updates and Health Dept. reporting is done automatically.

Save Time and stress

Your customers will love that you are fulfilling your obligations for record-keeping without exposing their private details to random strangers. Their details are securely stored and automatically deleted when no longer required.

NEW: Submit your visitor data to Health Department INSTANTLY!

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Adding Magic.Menu’s COVID Check-in to your cafe, restaurant, club or pub will reduce close contact and physical transmission surfaces.

Cover your legal obligations

You may be exposing your business to huge fines and lawsuits if you’re not handling your customers’ data securely.

Digital Recordkeeping now COMPULSORY IN NSW!
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Have you turned away customers because they don’t want to hand over their private details?

No more stress or sheets of paper to waste!

Are your staff wasting time managing contact tracing records?

Now you can have this done automatically and for FREE.

Check the current Covid Safe rules for operating a cafe, restaurant, club or pub in your state here: