Nomad Software today released its new product Magic.Menu SE (Standard Edition).

This follows on the success of their free QR Code based Covid Check-in application – the Free Edition of Magic.Menu™ used by food outlets across the country to automate record-keeping compliance under Covid-19 health directions.

Magic.Menu SE is an at-table ordering platform designed by veterans of the hospitality industry and engineered with ease of use as the core brand principal.

Food Ordering Apps are the modern way to go. Customers young and old have recently become more comfortable with QR Codes, Contactless Payments and checking in to venues on their phones, due to the health directions of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Now diners can complete Covid Check-in then instantly be presented with the venue’s menu right on their phone ready for ordering.

Keeping the process simple is key for happy end users, so Magic.Menu includes conveniences like Social Login and Mobile Payments to smooth the process – Check-in, Order & Pay, Enjoy..

Magic.Menu SE runs as a web app, removing the hassle of diners needing to download and install another native mobile app for each venue they visit. Just scan a QR code and the app is on their phone ready to use.

Food marketers know that “People eat with their eyes” so the diner’s menu view includes room for big food images and detailed descriptions, to help sell the sizzle over the sausage.

The Venue Portal keeps the ease of use theme rolling with a simplified menu set up and pre-set order displays for Kitchen and Front of House staff to view upcoming orders and check them off as completed. Accessible on any web-enabled device, venues can replace problematic old docket printers with even the lowest budget tablets or smart tv’s.

The biggest point of difference though is the price. Competing services charge a 3-5% commission, which for an average restaurant equates to $30,000 – $50,000 in annual fees.

Magic.Menu SE works on a set monthly subscription of $250, at least a 90% saving for a restaurant, pub, or even small café with around $1mil of annual sales.

Venue managers can use our comparison calculator to see how much they can save with Magic.Menu SE at Just type in a competitor’s commission rate and your estimated annual sales to show the potential saving.

Co-founder Matt Poole explains how Magic.Menu can be offered at such an affordable price:

“We’re a family owned business just like most cafes and restaurants. But unlike most software companies, we have very low overheads. No masses of unnecessary staff, shareholders, and other expenses to pay – so we calculated a fair margin on top of cost and that’s the price it produces. Charging more than what we are is just ridiculous and greedy”

“Our pricing model is by monthly subscription rather than commission – if your food business is going gang-busters, good on you. You deserve the spoils.”

“Now diners can do the required Covid Check-in, then Order and Pay for their meals on their phones all from one easy QR Code scan – without sending the restaurant broke!”

Magic.Menu SE Key Benefits:

  • Works on all web devices
  • Reduces labour cost
  • Speeds up service times
  • Eliminates printing waste– docket printers and physical menus
  • Eliminates order errors and lost dockets
  • Projects a modern approach to dining trends

Magic.Menu SE Key Features:

  • COVID-19 Check-In & automated Contact Tracing submission
  • Dine-in ordering & payments
  • Basic branding of your Magic.Menu including your logo
  • Order Inbox for front-of-house and kitchen staff to quickly see checked-in tables, paid orders awaiting preparation, and orders ready for serving
    (Ditch those pesky printers)
  • Order History with data export — view your records online or save as a CSV spreadsheet

Crunching the Numbers:

The calculation used for a 90% saving assumes an average restaurant generates $1 million in annual sales, multiplied by 3% equals $30,000 per year in commissions.

Comparatively the same restaurant using Magic.Menu SE at $250 per month equals $3,000 per year. So, in this case, they will be saving $27,000 or 90% a year.

About Nomad Software:

Nomad Software is a Private Company founded and owned by father and son team Matt & Damon Poole. With Matt a long-time hospitality industry veteran and Damon a highly sought-after software engineer, it is a natural association which results in easy to use software with strong business ethics and a hospitality style attitude to quality customer service.
The company is proud to hold an Australian Made & Owned Licence.

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