QLD Company Solves COVID-19 Privacy Concerns for Restaurant Customers

QLD Company Solves COVID-19 Privacy Concerns for Restaurant Customers

Nomad Software, a family owned software company today released their free homegrown solution for privacy concerns raised by the public and the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties.

If you’ve dined out in the last few months you will likely have been asked to fill in a sheet on a clipboard with your name, address and phone number. How many other peoples sensitive data did you see on the sheet?

For the majority of people it isn’t a problem but for anyone who’s escaped or suffering DV, Stalking or other threats of violence it is a big issue. Not only from a safety point of view, unscrupulous marketing companies would love to get their hands on this data.


To solve these issues, Nomad Software, has today released a web app which securely records and stores diners details from the privacy of their own phones. Restaurant staff and other guests don’t ever get to see the sensitive data and it is automatically deleted after the required number of days as stipulated in each states health directive.

“Our app is totally free for restaurants and diners.”

“Diners scan a QR code at the restaurant, enter their details and press submit. That’s it, done quickly, privately and securely.”

“The next time they dine out, they don’t even have to fill in the details. Just scan the code and submit. Their details are pre-filled in the form with the answers already saved on their phone.”

“It takes the weight off your wait staff, freeing them up to look after their customers better.”

“The data is transmitted using SSL encryption to our secure servers which meet the highest security standards.”

“On the restaurant end, they have a counter showing the number of guests signed in. This helps them ensure everyone has submitted details and easily keep an eye on their maximum seating limits.”

“Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs and Pubs can register for the free app today at www.magic.menu .”


All quotes are attributable to Matt Poole – Nomad Software Pty Ltd

Matt is a 20-year veteran in the restaurant and catering industry and now Commercial Manager at Nomad Software.




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