QLD Company gives away software for free to help restaurants recover from COVID 19 Shutdowns

QLD Company gives away software for free to help restaurants recover from COVID 19 Shutdowns

Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Clubs can now easily set up at-table and takeaway ordering with online payments to help comply with government requirements to re-open for dine-in service this month. Best of all it’s free for both venues and diners!

Nomad Software, a 100% Australian Family Owned Company, is offering businesses small and large their new web app “Magic.Menu” for free to help weather the cost of getting their food businesses reopened.

Matt Poole from Nomad Software said “with over 20 years experience as a restaurateur and caterer, I fully empathise with food business owners and appreciate the financial blow they have copped dealing with this pandemic. The last thing they need right now is outlaying more cash just to open their doors again.”

“Other mobile ordering apps are charging around 5% commission in an industry operating at a 4.8% profit margin. That’s just wrong!”

“So we’ve decided to not charge the usual subscription for our new magic.menu app to help them get up and running again. We’re giving it away for free and it will stay free.”

“It’s might only be one small thing they don’t have to pay for but I know it will make a big difference in getting people back to work.”

“In particular, the restrictions for reopening in QLD require venues to record and securely store Contact Tracing information of their customers. (Name, Phone Number and Address). “

“Our app doesn’t use GPS tracking or Bluetooth connection monitoring, it only records your answers to those 3 required questions when you place your order through our app. The restaurant doesn’t even get to see your personal details.”

“So diners don’t need to give out their personal details to every place they eat. Your personal details are stored on our secure servers and given only to the health dept when contact tracing is required by law.”

“Our offer is open to all businesses large and small and will enable their patrons to place an order and pay on their phones without having to install yet another app.”

“Customers still have the option to pay the old school way by cash or tap at the counter if they prefer.”

Damon Poole, Nomad Software’s production manager said “We’ve put a lot of work into the back end of this web app to make the whole process from setting up your menu to receiving an order as simple as possible for both the diners and the venue.”

“Diners just scan a QR code at their table and Voilà , there is the menu right on their phone ready to place an order. They can easily see who at the table ordered what and split the bill or one person can pay the whole bill in the app or at the counter as usual.”

“No extra apps to download and install, no fees or commissions, just an easy to use web app.”

“This free app contains all the features needed to get restaurants up and running for at-table ordering including online payments and basic sales reports.”

“We are now working on upgraded features for businesses who require advanced features like POS and Accounting software integration and full Company Branding of the user interface.”

key points:

  • software is free to use for both venues and diners
  • meets COVID safety requirements
    • online ordering and payments
    • contact tracing record keeping
  • eliminates physical menus (Cost of printing and microbe transmission)
  • frees up staff for other duties
  • no new hardware to buy – runs on Android, Apple and Windows devices, no NFC tags to buy
  • no software or apps to download and install – runs in browser





For more details or interview requests, please contact  media@nomadsoftware.net or visit www.magic.menu

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