Remember when fuel stations first went self-service? Owners said, “but people like full service”. Remember when supermarkets first introduced self-service […]
***UPDATE 31ST JUNE = GRANT APPLICATIONS HAVE ALREADY CLOSED!!!!*** If you’d still like to explore going digital, please contact us […]
Imagine a world where running a restaurant no longer means a life of stress and ultra-long hours. Picture yourself, serving […]
Nomad Software today released its new product Magic.Menu SE (Standard Edition). This follows on the success of their free QR […]
Free QR Code Check-in app for restaurants, cafes, clubs and pubs. 5 minute set up. Secure and private. 100% Australian owned and made. QR Code Scan + Social Log-in = Done!
As reported today in Hospitality Magazine, Concerns over privacy and hygiene practices are behind a lack of confidence in dining […]
A Noosaville cafe has been targeted by a teenage prank caller, who tells customers they might have been exposed to […]
Software companies have scrambled to offer hospitality venues an online solution to meet requirements for record keeping of customers and […]
Nomad Software, a family owned software company today released their free homegrown solution for privacy concerns raised by the public […]
Restaurant owners have been eagerly awaiting the release of approved COVID SAFE PLANS by the QLD Government so restaurants, cafes, […]