How will Magic.Menu benefit your business type?

Takeaway and pick-up service is all about convenience & speed.

Stand in line to order, then wait around for your order to be cooked. Such a drag!

Give your customers the option to order ahead from the convenience of their own phone, tablet, computer or even a Smart TV – at home, at work, on the bus or anywhere they want.

Then have their order ready to collect on arrival. No Fuss – No Muss! 

Magic.Menu is the ultimate tool to turbo boost your service speed and customer  satisfaction.


Your kitchen is super efficient, eliminate wasted time in your Front of House too!

That waiter standing in front of a POS terminal entering orders or wasting 10 minutes at the table while diners decide what they want could be better utilised on the floor running meals sooner, clearing tables ready for another sitting  OR move them to the kitchen to pump out more orders per hour.
Reduce labour costs or move staff to more effective tasks!

Customers want quick service, Magic.Menu helps you serve customers faster.


No painful queue, no ugly buzzers!

Magic.Menu for pubs and clubs enables customers to view your menu, order and pay from individually numbered QR codes at each table for Table Service or a single QR Code for Collect at Counter Service.
Counter Service orders send a notification to the customers phone when their order is ready collect from the servery.
This means you are not only saving the labour cost of a staff member standing in front of a POS terminal for hours each day entering orders, it also means you are not paying them to clean and sanitise noisy buzzers and printed menus.
So you’ll save on labour costs and buzzer rental/outlay too.
Add to that the increased ease of re-ordering drinks, your average spend will skyrocket!

More time with friends, less time in line with strangers.


Do you like standing in a long queue? Neither do your customers!

Our testing shows busy vendors loose 1 sale every 8 minutes to long wait times.

With Magic.Menu your customers will love avoiding the queue, ordering & paying on their phone rather than wasting time standing in line to order.
Magic.Menu will send your customers a notification on thier phone when their order is ready to collect.

Customers want quick service, Magic.Menu helps you serve customers faster.


Built in interactive
Order Management System

Looks just like printed dockets, but does so much more.

Others call it a “Kitchen Display System” but ours does so much more – it’s a complete “Order Management System”.

Live monitor what’s going in and out of your kitchen from anywhere.

Scroll through orders, check off items as sent and see how long since an order was placed.

Show your orders on as many devices as needed – and filter orders on each device by station: only drinks in the bar, coffees and cakes in the cafe, and just entrees and salads in the cold larder.

For the Old Dogs who don’t like new tricks, you can mix and match your setup with multiple Tablets and Printers to suit your work flow.

How much will it cost me?


Magic.Menu SE is free for all businesses and their customers with everything you need to accept online orders.

Unlimited MenusOrders Sales

With ZERO cost you get unlimited menus, orders and sales

get started!